Thrilling solutions. In every way.

Velabran provides you with design design-oriented architectural solutions including visualization, technical calculation, planning and construction.

Velabran has been established in 2005 by a few membrane construction experts with lots of branch experience. We offer a wide range of know-how in the field of textile building constructions, ETFE foil cushions and pneumatic assisted constructions.

Thanks to our experienced design and technology team and the cooperation with leading architecture and engineering offices you can expect highest application reliability from us. Our strict compliance with quality assurance measures just as innovative thinking define our workflow. As a result you’ll get solutions that are on one hand visually impressive and on the other hand functional, sustainable and economical.

Contact us to learn more. For just as individual as your specific needs, so are the applications of our membranes.

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Velabran is an owner-managed company.

CEO: Ing. Werner Fröhlich

Company Profile PDF (german)

Velabran offers services in the field of architecture and technology that inclode the following:

  • Planning the production and assembly process

  • Preliminary static calculation and preparation of the entire technology

  • Analysis of the construction and the static calculation

  • Project management

  • Consultation

  • Feasibility studies

  • Financial plans

  • Material selection

  • Constructional physics

  • Sample construction, samples and prototypes

  • Experiments and tests under real conditions

  • Detailed draft and workshop planning

  • Preassembly and production of small hardware items

  • Delivery – complete fixing – quality control

  • Service, maintenance and training